The Girl Who Goes Alone

Available soon from Floating Bridge Press

Floating Bridge Press has just released my first chapbook: The Girl Who Goes Alone. Copies are available at the Floating Bridge Website, Open Books, Elliott Bay Books, or directly from me.

2 thoughts on “The Girl Who Goes Alone

  1. Hello Elizabeth,

    I heard you read your poem “The Girl Who Goes Alone” last night at the Hugo House and loved it. It was one of the most moving poems I’ve ever read or heard, and I most love the strong, defiant, empowered female cry that won’t let the narrator back down to fear, doubt, and the unknown. It is an absolutely wonderful poem, and I am anxious to read the other poems in your book.


  2. i first heard your work last weekend at a wrap party of the vagina monologues in olympia. one of my cast mates stood up in the middle of all the chaos and began reading your poems aloud. we were mesmerized and empowered by what we heard, what you wrote. i just wanted to say thank you.

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