Inspiration in unlikely places, #1

Fellow Hedgebrook alumna Ann Hedreen wrote a terrific blog post on an essential, and essentially terrifying, existential question, posed on the back of a women’s room stall door: What are you living for? 

Here’s Ann’s opening. I was hooked:

Scrawled in fat black Sharpie script on the inside door of a blue bathroom stall at Kane Hall on the University of Washington campus: What are you living for?

My first reaction was to laugh: a sort of nervous-recognition laugh.  It’s been a rough week for me, big-question-wise.

Then I thought, as I sat: OK, how would I answer that in one word or less?  What am I living for?

God?  No.  I wish, but it wouldn’t be honest.  I am a seeker, but a highly distractible one.   

Love?  Yes, but—well, that’s always it with love, isn’t it?  Yes, but.

Meaning, I thought.  That’s it.  That’s what I am living for: meaning.

Read on. The context was a Seattle Art and Lectures event called Storyteller Uprising.

One thought on “Inspiration in unlikely places, #1

  1. Verna

    I used to say I didn’t like surprises, but I now know I like them when they come naturally, in life, eliciting a “wow” or even “crap!” I live for the surprise around the corner that makes me wake up, pay attention, learn.

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