Every Dress a Decision: book launch in Yakima this Friday

Every Dress a Decision makes its debut this Friday at the Oak Hollow Gallery in Yakima, Wash. (7pm; 5631 Summitview Ave.) Of course, I’d love to see you there, or at one of these readings:

Now available at bluebegoniapress.com and your local independent bookstore.

April 28, 7pm at Cheap Wine and Poetry with Paul Nelson, Roberto Ascalon and Katie Ogle

April 29, 7pm at Village Books in Bellingham

May 4, 7pm.  First Wednesday Reading sponsored by the Oregon Literary Review at Blackbird Wine Shop, Portland, OR

May 6, 7:30pm at Open Books (the official West of the Cascades launch reading)

May 21, 11am at Burning Word in Leavenworth (with fellow Blue Begonia poets Terry Martin, Jim Bodeen and Dan Peters)

May 21, 7pm at Elliott Bay Books

May 23, Poetry Night in Bellingham

 June 1, at C&P Coffee in West Seattle, with Novelist Harold Taw

June 21, 7pm at Innisfree Poetry Bookstore and Cafe in Boulder, Colorado.

3 thoughts on “Every Dress a Decision: book launch in Yakima this Friday

  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    I took your book to Orcas Island this weekend. I LOVED it! It is moving and provocative, revealing and inspiring! Thank you. I’ll see you at Open Books on May 6.

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