First Review of “Every Dress a Decision”

Many thanks to Pat Muir at the Yakima Herald for this review of Every Dress a Decision. It’s accompanied by an excerpt from “The Girl Who Goes Alone,” and a sidebar on Blue Begonia Press.  It’s hard to describe what an intense, and intensely weird, feeling it is to have someone I’ve never met (except once, on the phone) write about my book.

I was up on Orcas Island when Pat interviewed me for the article last week. We talked for about 45 minutes, and I was struck  by how carefully he’d read the book. And reading the article I am feeling extremely grateful for such a generous, nuanced response.

Among other things, Pat writes a regular column for the Yakima Herald called “The Indoorsman” and had a lovely post about David Foster Wallace, and the relationship between writers and readers.  Worth checking out.

You can buy Every Dress a Decision at the Blue Begonia Press website.

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