We have our winners!

Thanks to all who participated in The Big Poetry Giveaway, started by Kelli Russell Agodon at Book of Kells.

Our winners are:  Nandini Dhar and Evelyn Hanna.  They both opted to receive copies of Every Dress a Decision. (If I were a more skilled blogger, I would have been able to post the images from the Random Number Generator results, but alas, I am not so skilled, so you’re going to have to trust me on this one.)

Even if you weren’t a winner, I hope you’ll check out Tim Seibles’s BUFFALO HEAD SOLOS, and my own EVERY DRESS A DECISION.

2 thoughts on “We have our winners!

  1. sweetcomice

    Hi Elizabeth!

    It was a very cozy, intimate and wonderful reading on Friday night.
    I feel when I read your poems on the page that I am being allowed to look into one of your windows, a bit voyeuristic, but
    I mean you in a complete unselfconscious way.

    When I hear you read it is like a door flung open and YOU
    come swooping out into my world. I really really appreciate you.

    And I loved being part of the after reading fun.
    Thank you for that too.

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