Skagit River Poetry Festival Line-up for 2012

Just got word about the line-up for the next Skagit River Poetry Festival, May 17 to 20 in La Conner, Wash.  Wonderful group of poets, including several of my favorites: Marie Howe, Ellen Bass and Carolyn Forche. Mark your calendars!

More info is available at the Skagit River Poetry Project website.

Here’s the full list:


Elizabeth Austen

Ellen Bass

Linda Bierds

Jericho Brown

Lorna Crozier

Tony Curtis

Chris Dombrowski

Lorraine Ferra

Karen Finneyfrock

Carolyn Forché

Matt Gano

Samuel Green

Lorraine Healy

Bob Hicok

Tony Hoagland

Christopher Howell

Will Hornyak

Marie Howe

Kurtis Lamkin

Patrick Lane

Tim McNulty

Simon Ortiz

Red Pine

Rachel Rose

Mark Schafer

M.L. Smoker

Dick Warwick

Jeremy Voigt

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