Pico Iyer in Praise of Stillness

Happy New Year, dear reader. I’ve found myself thinking a lot these last few days about reshaping how I use my time. I want to scale back the number of hours I spend facing a screen. I want less noise in my head. So as I was reading the NY Times today (ironically, on screen), I was delighted to find this editorial by Pico Iyer on The Joy of Quiet. He writes:

In my own case, I turn to eccentric and often extreme measures to try to keep my sanity and ensure that I have time to do nothing at all (which is the only time when I can see what I should be doing the rest of the time).

I’m going to print the whole piece out and post it in my office, to remind me that I can find stillness and quiet simply by choosing to turn off the gadgets that keep me connected. Don’t get me wrong–I love the advantages of a fast Internet connection, cellphones, etc. But I often feel exhausted by needing to “keep up” with email, Facebook, blogs, etc. Iyer’s article reminds me that a different perspective–one that feels more authentic to me–is always available.

Read Pico Iyer on The Joy of Quiet.

I wish you a peaceful, healthy and occasionally completely unplugged new year.  Turning off the computer now. Bye-bye.

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