Re-imagining the Revision Process: Class Starts March 15

Here’s a confession: revision is my favorite part of the writing process. I love the way having a brand new draft causes me to skip back and forth between the analytical and generative parts of my brain as I cut, reshape, and inject new energies into the not-yet-poem.

Revision is also something I love to teach, and this term at Richard Hugo House I’ll have the unusual (for me, anyway) chance to teach it in a 10-week format. Here are the details – please email me at eaustenpoetry(at)gmail(dot com) if you want more info.  Registration will open Feb. 21 online or via phone at (206) 322-7030.

Poetry: The Practice of Revision

Wednesdays from 7 to 9p at Richard Hugo House, March 14 to May 23 (no class May 16). $360 general public/$324 Hugo House members.

Class description: You’ve got a first draft. Now what? How do you revise toward a richer, more compelling poem? We’ll work with a variety of craft elements including image, music and form in order to develop strong, flexible tools for revision.  We’ll wrestle with the distinction between mystery and confusion, and experiment with making bolder, riskier choices. In-class exercises, take-home assignments and reading will prompt you to dismantle and re-assemble draft poems with gusto and a sense of inquiry. You’ll leave with a clearer sense of your own aesthetic and tools to sustain your development as a writer. Required books: Next Word, Better Word, by Stephen Dobyns and Art and Fear, by David Bayles and Ted Orland.

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