AWP, Seattle

March 10, 2023, 10:30am. Room 337, Summit Building, Seattle Convention Center, Level 3

Hand to Stone: Fujitarō Kubota and James W. Washington, Jr. in Poetry and Prose
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Northwest writers honor master landscaper Fujitarō Kubota and noted sculptor James W. Washington, Jr. by reading from Spirited Stone: Lessons from Kubota Garden and Poem of Stone and Bone: The Iconography of James W. Washington, Jr. in Fourteen Stanzas and Thirty-One Days. Both men infused their work with their spiritual beliefs in relationship to nature. Through poetry and essay, writers respond to Kubota and Washington, whose legacies continue to inspire generations today.

Voices of Spirited Stone


12 thoughts on “Events

  1. Rick


    I attended the reading tonight at Hugo House and was pleasantly surprised with both your and Erin’s readings. What struck me the most was the interplay of the contrast, your voices were equally vulnerable yet strong. Nice work. I’m looking forward to the High Point event since it’s in my ‘hood.

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    1. Catherine

      Heard your poem this morning on the Writers Almanac. Loved it so much I have printed it to read to a friend this evening. I am delighted to find your work.
      Catherine Irwin, Shepherdstown, WV

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  5. Greatly enjoyed reading your opus from front to back as you suggested at C&P Coffee on the 1st. Love your work. Also was glad to see you also know Tim Seibles. Tim and I used to drink coffee together in Norfolk when I was singing with Virginia Opera. He reintroduced me to modern poetry at a couple of his readings and I have been going ever since when time allows. I look forward to reading more of your work as soon as I can find it. Also, being an operatic bass it seems I sing always of death, heartbreak and sadness. I hope you are able to find that funny poem again and again. Life has enough darkness. All the best. Charlie Austin

  6. Michael Taskey

    Wow! Enjoyed your performance at Auburn Ave Theater. Lost myself listening to your voice and your words, I thought I was alone in the room. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts.

  7. Bonnie Bennetts

    Elizabeth! Just read an email from Stacey regarding your great news! Congratulations:) It makes me smile to remember you, our friendship and how well things are going. Enjoy. xo Bonnie

  8. Hello Elizabeth Austen, I heard you at the Quimper Fellowship in Port Townsend last night, Jan.30, 2015. I want to take a workshop from you but cannot find your list and schedule. Where do I find a 2015 schedule of nearest workshops?

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