I spent nearly twenty years producing poetry programming for KUOW 94.9. In January 2019, I decided it was time to turn that attention in new directions. I’m slowly working through my archive and posting interviews and readings here…



5 thoughts on “Radio

  1. Stanley A. Seidlitz

    Regarding Garrison Keiler’s recitation of your “on Punctuation” poem…
    Not only did I enjoy his presentation, as I almost always do, I truly savored the poem itself.
    Being a Lead Teacher of “At-Risk” youth in Fairfax County Public Schools, Virginia, I look for ways to “connect” with my group of expelled and troubled younguns.
    This selection WILL be passed on the them.
    Thank you for sharing your insight and talent with me/us/the World.
    Stanley A. Seidlitz
    Lead Teacher
    Interagency Alternative Schools
    Computer Enhanced Instruction, Falls Church
    6245 Leesburg Pike
    Suite 430
    Falls Church, VA 22044
    (703)618-STAN (7826)

    1. Elizabeth Austen

      Hi, Stanley–
      I’d love for you to share the poem with your students — thanks for letting me know! You might also be interested in the book A Better Man, published by my friend Kelly Johson.
      She lives in Richmond, VA and her book is being used in a number of schools because kids seem to really connect with the interviews and stories she has collected there.
      Be well, and thanks for writing–

  2. To Elizabeth Austen and KUOW and Michael Dickman

    I (meaning me inside my automobile) drove across
    The black top and right in between the white lines
    Stopping just short of where my
    Collapsible bumper wanted to go,
    Wanted to touch, wanted to do what it was designed to do –
    To crumple, sighing, in on itself
    Deform in response to the touch
    Of that radiant
    Cherry red, electric,vibrating
    Parked with his nose tipped ever so slightly over
    Into the space I’d chosen.

    I stopped,
    I didn’t head into the QFC
    to buy peaches and chili sauce
    or was it chicken breasts, artichokes?
    I heard your voice
    Poetry in the parking lot

    As I stared into
    The red mirror of truck
    I saw whales
    Breaching with out saying so
    Folding the water
    Moving the salt

    I had been there
    On that beach
    I could feel the
    Sharp rocks poking through the slippery seaweed
    The heat of the light
    On the water, above the water
    I heard them singing

    And then Leif
    shot up
    I heard a brilliant, startling boy
    Rising abruptly into the sky
    How, why?

    It was only later,
    I was driving on the freeway
    A second chance
    She read it again
    And I understood

    It was a shock
    But the whales
    Were still there

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