The Big Poetry Giveaway 2011

You, too, can be part of the Big Poetry Giveaway!

I’m participating in the Big Poetry Giveaway 2011. Kelli Russell Agodon, a wonderful poet and my personal social media heroine, started this irresistible National Poetry Month tradition. Find out more about Kelli at her blog, “Book of Kells: notes about living and writing creatively.”

On May 1, I’ll give away a copy of my brand-new collection, EVERY DRESS A DECISION, and a copy of Tim Seibles‘s BUFFALO HEAD SOLOS.  I’ve been a fan of Seibles’s particular blend of music, risk and insight for a long time. He sings deeply felt, stunningly phrased outrage at the cruelties humans seem inexplicably addicted to, and he also praises the particular sensual pleasures of the body in unforgettable detail. His work should be read and known more widely, so that’s why I want to give you a copy!

Tim Seibles is also a marvelous reader of his own work — check him out at From the Fishouse, and I think you’ll see what I mean…

Here’s what to do: leave a comment by midnight PST April 30, letting me know which book you hope to win. I’ll draw two names on May 1 and announce the winners here. (I’ll also email the winners so I can mail you the book!)

Read more about The Big Poetry Giveaway 2011 here.

23 thoughts on “The Big Poetry Giveaway 2011

  1. Lilja Otto

    Hi there, favorite poet of mine. What a wonderful project. I would love to be in the draw to win your highly anticipated new book. And thank you for introducing Kelli Russell Agodon, I just looked her up and read words that where just what I needed to hear today. Thank you for writing!

  2. Sue Nymn

    Hi there! I’d love to be entered in your drawing (would prefer your book, but either is great). Thanks for doing this, hurray for National Poetry Month!

    – Sue

  3. Please, let me join the party!

    Look forward to reading your collection (even if I don’t win!).

    And thank you for supporting & promoting poetry.

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  5. Hey,
    I though every decision is a dress…

    Please count me

    (and you are most welcome to join my own draw for three lovely books from lovely women)


  6. Please add me to your contest. You can contact me through the provided email address or by posting on or entering my contest on my blog (address above). And thank you for participating in the contest and spreading the words of poetry.

    O.P.W. Fredericks

    1. Elizabeth Austen

      Hi there – I’m happy to enter you in the drawing, but you didn’t leave a name. Also, which book would you prefer?

  7. I’d love to win your book…..being interviewed by you in Seattle was wonderful. (I have Tim’s book so don’t consider me for that one….you are right, his work is wonderful…& I heard him read at The Frost Place…he’s a terrific reader too.

  8. Wow, I think this site has more last day entries than any of the others I’ve commented on today. (Which is almost all of them because I’m a top notch procrastinator!)

    I’d be very happy to win either book, but if I’m forced to choose, I’ll go with your own.

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