Celebrating Open Books: A Poem Emporium

openbooksFriends, just a quick note that this is the week Seattle’s beloved Open Books: A Poem Emporium transitions to its new owner, Billie Swift. You’ll find “A Few Final Words from John and Christine” here.

As I just wrote to John and Christine, I am keenly aware that the poetry community I encountered when I turned to poetry some 20 years ago was shaped indelibly by Open Books — by the physical space, the intimate readings, the books of course!, but most of all by John and Christine’s always smart and unfailingly kind presence, and by their knowledge and insight regarding poetry. (And, truth be told, by the example of their own poems and way of being poets in the world.)

Now would be a good time to stop by or call the store – to buy that collection you’ve been hankering for or meaning to send to a friend. John and Christine have announced that they’ll be open two hours after normal closing time Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week, and invite us to “Come reminisce, socialize, and look towards Open Books’s bright future with other friends of the store.” (More info here.)

One thought on “Celebrating Open Books: A Poem Emporium

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Elizabeth. Time had gotten away from us and we thought the celebrating was next week. We’ll be there this evening! xo, Sylvia

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